Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome. I hope to have a blog where I can share my knitting ideas, original patterns, and hints and tips I find in other places. I also want to track my knitting progress and view projects as they are created through various stages.

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Anonymous said...

I so much enjoyed reading your knitting blog.
I love that you posted your patterns for the ice scraper mitts and the Moonlight Mohair Scarf.
You have inspired me to try both of your patterns.

I bought some of the Moonlight Mohair in the coral reef colorway, when I was up in New Hampshire
for Thanksgiving just because it was so pretty. No idea what to do with it until I stumbled across your blog. Thanks to you, I am all set to start knitting a scarf.

I really appreciate your being so generous and sharing your patterns with all of us on the internet.