Friday, November 17, 2006

Scarf for the hunter

It's deer hunting time again. DH and DS#1 are on their way to Wisconsin's northwoods as I post this. Last night I finished a blaze orange scarf for DH to take along. It is the traditional bow knot pattern I love to make but this time I made the middle section wider. He really liked it and it will be nice and warm with the larger middle section. I was surprised when I asked him if he wanted me to make one for him and he said yes. I've made them for other hunters who have asked me to make them for their hunter friends, but my family never seemed really interested in one.

I decided for the sake of my hands - which are prone to eczema in the winter and are well on their way to bad cracking, that I will work on some acrylic scarves for charity this weekend. I picked up some 3 ounce skeins of Red Heart Classic after McDonalds Thursday AM McKnitting in some fun variegated colors. (Don't forget, I'm the girl who never met a variegated yarn I didn't have to have!) I coasted on 20 stitches of the colorway Sedona on size 10 needles and am knitting until the skein is gone. Here's how its going. I really like it. The colors are defimately reminicent of the trip DH aand I took to Sedona Arizona last May.

Sedona was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. We took a day tour of the area and ended up at the Oak Creek Brewery in the Village of Oak Creek, which was really fun since we are from Oak Creek WI.

Sedona is the perfect name for this yarn.

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