Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Camera/Slippers

DH got me a new digital camera for Christmas. My old one was a dinosaur - used a floppy disc. It was 2 megapixels. My new one is 10.1 Megapixels and about 1/8 the size of the old one. I'm really excited!

I also got the 2007 Pattern a Day knitting calendar. I bet alot of people did. There are really some nice patterns this time. Okay - I know you are supposed to look at one pattern a day. Does anyone really do that? Not me. I looked through the entire knit calendar and the crochet one I received for Christmas too yesterday and put all the patterns I liked to the front. The crochet calendar was disappointing. This was the first year I got that one and I thought alot of the patterns were for things I would never consider making.

Last night I wanted an easy project since I've been experiencing frequent opthalmic migraines the last few days. I pulled out the pattern for Dec 10 for Dorm Boots. They are very similar to ones I've seen on the web but I wanted an easy no brain 2 needle project so I started them. I am knitting them in Patons Decor (Colorway: Mountain Top Varigated) Since I've NMAVYIDL (Never met a varigated yarn I didn't like), I tend to pick up one skein of colors that catch my eye just to see how they work up. I'm pleases with how this is coming along. No pooling.

Last night I was having trouble withP2tog tbl - I finally figured it out today by going to and watching the video. It makes perfect sense now that I saw it done. Last night I just purled 2 together and took those two sts out on the next row and did a slip one knit one PSSO to make it look right. Oh - I tried a few times to do what I thought was right and it just didn't work. I like the knitting help web site because it has separate mini videos for Continental knitters and English knitters. I am a Continental knitter and alot of times books are written in the English methos.

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