Thursday, December 07, 2006

ICE - 3 kinds

Okay, I was doing really good at blogging regularly. Notice I say was. Well last Friday that beautiful snow I blogged about did me in. Guess what's under the snow when you get done shoveling it.......Ice. Well let's just say that ice is slippery and I forgot that and fell pretty hard on the ice last Friday night. I landed flat on my back and shortly after my back hit the ground, my head hit. By the way, concrete is hard and so is ice.

Speaking of ice, I've been alternating ice and heat since and today is the first day I'm ready to blog again. I've decided that the only kind of ice I need from now on is the kind you put in an alcoholic adult beverage!

I started the recuperation weekend with some simple knitting. A garter stitch scarf for my hairdresser with some NoBo yarn I found on clearance at WalMart. It is black and fuzzy with a hint of grey and brown every once in a while. I tried knitting it by itself but my level of brain activity must have been diminished because I just couldn't make it work. I added a strand of my old standby - Black Red Heart Worsted - and it worked like a charm. I made the fringe with only the NoBo. It has a great drape to it and is warm and heavy for a Wisconsin winter. I was very pleased with the result.

After completing that I moved on to the cable scarf - Kim's pattern - and got 1 and a half done. A really pretty green and a nice light neutral tans.

My DH, who was wonderful to me after I fell, came up with the idea that maybe all 7 scarves for DS's coworkers should not be the same which made me think. I tried a couple other patterns but was not happy with any of them. One of my favorite patterns is always the feather and fan, but it is usually done on too many stitches to make a nice scarf out of a heavy worsted. I tried a version on 24 stitches that is working up beautiful with the yarn. It is a four row pattern with only one of the 4 rows in a very easy to memorize pattern. The other 3 rows are either knit all the way across or purl all the way across. The pattern row is as follows:

K2 together (2X)
YO, K1 (4X)
K2 together (4X)
YO, K1 (4X)
K2 together (2X)

I will probably make 2 of these and find another pattern for the last 2 scarves.

Time is running short. I looked at a calendar a few minutes ago and realized that my head trauma had caused me to forget that Christmas as just a bit over 2 weeks away. I couldn't believe it. I looked again. Same thing.

The bad news...................I will not get all my Christmas knitting done this year.
The good news.................I will already have ideas for next Christmas.

I will get the scarves for Andrew's coworkers done. I will save the rest of the ideas for next year. I will start earlier next year. HONEST!

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