Thursday, December 21, 2006

Scarves for NWML ladies

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I promised to make 7 scarves for DS2 to give to his coworkers for Christmas gifts. I had started out with a plan to make the reversible cable scarf created by my friend Kim Ogle for all of them. I finished 2 and DS came up with a good point. Would all the ladies in the department want the same scarf design?

Probably not..... So back to the drawing board for Plan B. I tried a few patterns I had, but none was quite right with the yarn. So I tried a feather and fan. I loved it. The JoAnn's Sensation yarn worked up beautifully. It too was time consuming since I really had to pay attention to rows.

Then DS2 came home from work one night and announced he needed an 8th scarf. Okay. I knew it was time for plan C. He looked over at the yarn pile and said what about that. It was another JoAnn's yarn, Angel Hair. The yarn has enough character that a garter stitich scarf would be fine. On the Plan C. 4 different colors of Angel Hair - four scarves. Each one is beautiful because of the unique colorways.

Only one more to make and no more colors of Angel Hair, but I did have some NY Yarns Wild Thing in black and white. So Wild Thing it was. I decided this one needed a fringe.

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Pinkshawlgirl said...


You were one busy knitter with those scarves. What kind of band/label did you put around them? I'm glad the ladies liked them. Your son works with smart women.