Wednesday, January 10, 2007


You will need to read the previous post "Raffia" first for this to make sense since this starts where that left off.

Okay again- I know Iddle is a strange name for a cat.

The summer after the unfortunate incident with the garage door opener, we were at a picnic at a neighbor's. Another neighbor girl brought over a basket of kittens and DH fell in love (remember this is the same man from the last post) a little black kitten with blue eyes. She came home with us. I took her to the vet the next day and was told she was way too young to be away from her mother. I asked if I should give her back and he said no - if the family with her mother was giving away the kittens so young, they probably weren't takin good care of them. We named her Shadow.

Remember I had boys - third and fifth grade at this time. They called Raffia Ig (like Big) Kitty and Shadow Iddle (like little) One. At the time I had a cleaning lady. She called her Midnight. I don't know why. Well basically the cat had 3 names and the one that stuck was Iddle. When she goes to the vet she is Shadow. Otherwise she is Iddle.

Iddle has a very different personality from Ig (Raffia). She is quiet and very very shy. If she was a person she would need a shrink. She licked off all her hair on her legs and chest last year. Excessivc Grooming Syndrome the vet called it. We had to buy her a cat pheromone that plugged into the wall near her favorite spot to lay and put off "happy mist" for her. Several friends have asked me to find out if they make that for people. LOL Overall, she's a really good cat and very pretty too.

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