Thursday, April 19, 2007

Are you ready for the answer?

Have I gotten your attention with the pieces to the puzzle???????????????

Here comes the answer...........

The Magic Ball!!!!!

The inspiration comes from "The Knitter's Bible - Knitted Accessories" by Claire Compton. She creates a beaded sequined scarf with 5 different yarns. Prior to beginning knitting, she creates a multiyarn ball by tying together lengths of yarn in a proportion of 9:8:6 so that yarn number one will have 9 lengths the first time, 8 lengths the 2nd time and 6 lengths the third time. The result is what you may find referred to in other places on the internet as the magic ball. This is the ball you knit with. I treated the ends differently than recommeneded and was very pleased with the results. I left about a six inch tail and tied the 2 ends together with a square knot. When I came to six inches before the knot, I held the end with the working yarn and after the knot held the new tail with the new yarn. The joins were just about invisible. The pictures show a scarf I started which will be frogged soon and restarted in all garter stitch. It is worked the long way. I casted on 270 stitches. The stockinette and seed stitch sections were not as pretty as the garter stitch section. With the large number of stitches, the yarn changed very randomly and was really neat. All the yarns I worked with were about a sport or light worsted weight (3).

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pinkshawlgirl said...

Oh, Mari, it looks like fun. Please show us the finished scarf, too.