Friday, April 11, 2008

Striped Baby Sweater

The bug for using Red Heart Strata and other striping yarns definately bit me this winter. I wanted to make a baby sweater that would stripe well but had a hard time finding the right pattern. I didn't want to go over 40-50 stitches so the stripes would be the optimum size. I ended up taking a basic boatneck sweater and adapting it to a larger needle with a heavier weight yarn. This is the result. I just had to make a little hat to match!

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Anonymous said...

Hi: I am reading this very late so you may not get my comment at all. If you love baby sweaters in self-striping yarns, I can recommend the Sideways Sock Yarn Baby Sweater designed by Hyphen Boy. Look for it here, it's the 4th down in the first list. It's wonderfully entertaining to knit and turns out so beautifully. His patterns are wonderfully complete and mistake free.
All the best