Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year - New blogging resolution

The new year is finally here and with it my pledge to blog more and keep better track of my projects. The winter cold and snow as well as being a grandma/babysitter to the little boyer are going to put a cramp in my Thursday morning McDonalds knitting so hopefully I can use that time to blog.

2009 Works in Progress (WIPS)

Weavers Wool Mini Shawl in aurora print Red Heart Supersaver for DMIL's birthday. DH called her to wish her a happy new year and she is cold even with the heat up to 75 degrees so I figured the shawl would be the perfect gift. I've never made it before but have read on Ravelry that it is addicting like potato chips and I beleive that. It is also a great candidate for a pattern for my new blog - the place for all patterns garter. The pattern for the shawl can be found here: I really like the way it is working up in the yarn and my MIL does not do any natural fibers. She likes acrylic and she machine washes everything so this will work. Not sure if the colorway is still available. This yarn came from the basement stash - that is stash that is older than the upstairs stash. I made myself a loop scarf from this same stuff between Christmas and New Years.

Also on the needles is the January 2009 KAL dishcloth from Monthly Dishclothes at Yahoo dot com. I decided that the KAL would be a fun project for on the recubant bike. Took about a half hour to do day one and day 2. Andi - the moderator - suggested a light blue for this one. Here is what it looks like after the first 2 days worth of knitting. (on the seat of the bike) It will be fun to see if I can figure out what it is going to be after I knit on it tommorrow. So far it is impossible to tell. If I had to guess before I started I would have said I thought it might be a snowflake or snowman. It does not look like a snowflake - maybe a snowman? For anyone not familiar with this group, you are sent the pattern in daily increments in emails. The first day had 9 rows, and the second day, second email had ten.

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pinkshawlgirl said...

I have knit that shawl and it fits nicely as the fronts are longer than the back, so it will stay in place. I like that color, too.