Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Toy

I've been working on lots of small projects. A few bibs from the Mason Dixon book, playing with some stitch patterns on scarves and little hats for preemies. DS was going to a birthday party today for a 2 year old and asked about making a socktopus in pinks. Sounded fun but I was not sure I had enough time to get it done. He asked me Friday night - so I decided to make the Flower Power Elephant by Ala and Ela instead. The pattern is available through Ravelry. It took alittle longer than I expected but it was very fun to knit.

Not sure if piggy pink was the right color though - reminds me of dear grandson's farm fridge toy where you match the front and back of magnetic animals. If you get it right it tells you what the animal says. For this it would say "You put an elephant in front you put a pig behind. Put them together and what do you find. A elephant pig. That's silly!!"

Again, a long time no blogging. Busy with work, baby, and just life in general. I told myself that when I was done with the job of guild newsletter editor I would get back to blogging and now guild drama has me rethinking the guild membership altogether and so I need to get back to this forum. I really enjoy the freedom of the open knit groups that are just about knitting and having fun. Nuff said.
Found a new scarf pattern at that is going to be added to my top list of make again patterns. I love knitting basic garter both for the way it looks and for the mindlessness of it. Also the fact that it is reversible. This one meets all those criteria too. Looks nice in the striping yarn with a long colorway repeat.

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