Tuesday, March 09, 2010

7 Hour Toddler Sweater

Every here and there I enjoy knitting the 5 Hour Baby Sweater so I was really excited when I was reading the Knitlist and saw that Suzetta had written a pattern for a version of the sweater in a larger size - The 7 hour Toddler Sweater. Click on title above to go to pattern. She was looking for someone to take a picture of an actual child in the sweater and who better than the precious little grandson boyer. I dug out a couple of skeins of "I Love This Yarn - Stripes" in the colorway camo and got knitting. When I got to the sleeves I decided to start the second skein and match up the yarn for both sleeves. I started at the beginning of the first section of black (first black stripe). This was a really fun knit - took me 7 days - probably about an hour a day - and the pattern was flawless. It looked alittle big to me but I attributed that to the fact that I was using the addi clicks DH bought me for Christmas and the size 10 needle is a bit larger than the usual - there is no 10-1/2 with the set. Actually the sweater fits him perfectly and he wears an 18 month in storebought clothes but still fits in alot of his 12 month size. Preemies grow slow but CUTE!!!! He is 21.5 months and 25 lb.


Suzetta said...

OMG He is an adorable little boy.

I so appreciate seeing a photo of the sweater on him.

annette said...

Adorable sweater. and CHILD..Please give more info on the yarn you used, brand, name,etc. beautiful. I need some girl colors

Mari said...

Yarn is I Love This Yarn Stripes from Hobby Lobby. It comes in a bunch of colorways. I used Camo but I know there are other colors available online and in the store. I used 2 skeins and have plenty left to make a matching hat. I took the 2nd skein and pulled out the middle of the skein to make 2 balls that started in the identical spot so that my sleeves turned out identical and continued the body with the ball I was using when I broke for the sleeves.