Thursday, June 03, 2010

Knit a Bird

Just knit a cute little birdie and his nest.  Got the pattern and the yarn at Just 4 Ewe in Oak Creek WI.  You can see the pattern here. Sock Yarn Balloon Tying Creations

The idea is really cool.  You knit the "balloon" with sock yarn and stuff as you go.  The "twists" of the balloon are made by increasing and decreasing.  Here he is before it is "tied".

Here he is after he is "twisted".


AlisonH said...

Oh, that's cute! And creative as all get-out.

Bonnie said...

What an ingenious idea! I loved the monkey on their website. Your little bird turned out great!

Michelle said...

That is the cooles thing -- is the baloon animal permanently "tied" or can you twist and untwist it?

Mari said...

It's just the twists that hold it together. I showed it to the 2 year old GS as a bird then took it apart and he thought it was hilarious!!!!