Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Best Christmas gift ever

You may wonder how I typed that last post with the problems with my arm and hand. For Christmas my husband bought me a computer program called Dragon naturally speaking. It is speech recognition software. My entire last post was talked into the computer like dictation, I didn't have to use the keyboard at all. I'm sitting with a headset on and my arm elevated on a pillow. I'm wearing a compression sleeve and gauntlet and a special insert in the gauntlet to help the lymph fluid drain.

People had suggested to me that I blog through my treatments and cancer journey. It wasn't something I was ready to do. I did send out some newsletters, that as time went on the lymph edema developed and even writing the newsletters became very difficult.

I hope to blog more frequently now. I laughed yesterday because my neighbor sent me an e-mail asking about my pattern I had used to make a loopy scarf on the loom. It has been several years since I made those and it was going to try to look up the pattern for her by googling. By the time I got her e-mail, there was a second e-mail that said she had googled it and found it on my blog. Thank you Judy for reminding me that there's a lot of valuable stuff on my blog and it now than I can speak and post I can have a lot more to say again.

This software would be an excellent gift for a college student. I sure wish I would've had this when I was in college. It was me taking notes a lot easier. I have to say this is the best Christmas present I have gotten. That says a lot because two years ago for Christmas I got the Addy Turbo interchangeable needle sets. LOL

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