Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Red heart changes

I have a lot of yarn stash so yarn shopping is a rarity for me these days. I few weeks ago I got to go to Joanns with a bunch of coupons. I was intrigued by the new yarn by Red Heart called changes. The yarn is one color but 6 textures. I bought white, grey (silver), and purple. I've played with the yarn a bit now and have not really come up with anything I like. I just looked through the projects people have made on Ravelry for inspiration but really have not gotten too far. A few things about the yarn - the yarn textures are just tied together and quite obvious. - the yarn label says it is a bulky yarn but some textures are far from bulky. I tried a stockinette scarf on the long loom. It was frogged because the edges of the scarf waved in and out in an unattractive way. The knots were very obvious. My new idea is a chemo cap on the CinDwood adult loom at a half inch gauge. I think having the 51 stitches will make the yarn lengths small enough that the wave effect won't be so obvious. Plus once the hat goes on the heD it will stretch even. Plus I think it will be very soft and pretty.

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