Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Knittalk scarf for me!

K.  Knitted just for me
N.  Needles clicking away
I.    In beautiful colors of wool
T.   Turquoise, rose and olive
T.   Thistle, violet and salmon
A.   All put together in squares
L.    Love joins it together
K.   Knitting brought us together.

S.  Sisters who love fiber
C.  Care for each other too
A.   An email to the list
R.   Reading about our lives
F.   Fiber arts keep us together
A beautiful, and I mean absolutely beautiful, scarf came in a box with a return address of Yorktown Heights, NY.  I was ready to add my square and send it on to the next name on the list.  I didn't see the list and my husband said, there are cards, should I open them?  I read the card and It hit me, the scarf was for me!  Chemo brain strikes again.  I had even asked Afton what size to make my square so I could have it ready to sew on

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