Saturday, December 24, 2005

Holly - My surprise Christmas gift

It's gold and furry - no it's not fun fur - she's alive. She is a 6 week old golden retreiver puppy.

We named her Holly. We had talked about puppies and decided to wait until spring, but Santa dad had other ideas. He got up early on Christmas Eve morning and went and picked her up. She came from a litter of 14. Santa dad said she had one skinny tired looking mamma.

She has alot of energy for someone so tiny. She watches the cats walk around with my balls of yarn and had a big black ball of eyelash yarn in her mouth herself.


mzundercover said...

she's precious! merry belated christmas :-)

Emily said...

What a cute critter!

Sharon J said...

Awww.... what a beauty! Treasure her forever. ~Sharon

knittingsue said...


What a little cutie! My sister has always had a golden, and they are wonderful, loyal dogs. I'm so happy for you.

Sue DeB

Sara said...

what a doll!! Perfect name, too :o)

Bonnie said...

What an adorable little fur baby! Soon she'll be huge, so enjoy the puppyhood... Merry Christmas.