Friday, December 30, 2005

Vegas Scarf Notes

In my previous post I said I would post my notes on the Vegas scarf and some variations. Here we go.....

  1. I number my yarn at random and used the dice to determine the yarn used for each row.
  2. I shook the coin and heads was knit and tails was purl.
  3. I cast on 150 stitches with a size 10 circular needle.
  4. I left at least an 8" fringe so it could be trimmed later.
  5. Alternative version for those who like to have some control - use 5 yarns and make 6's wild. If you roll a six you can choose any yarn which allows you to use a yarn that may not have been used enough.
  6. Alternative ending - for the last 2 rows of the scarf, end with the same 2 yarns used for the 1st and 2nd rows of the scarf so that there is some degree of symmetry. Last row is therefore the same as the first row.
  7. Kim's suggestion for those who would rather knit all rows. When you shake a purl row. Turn your work and start from the other end in knit.
  8. Width can vary with amounts of yarn you have and personal preference.
  9. Watch out!!! These can be addicting.

The following is the email I sent out to the Lakeside Knitters before the class:

I will be demonstrating the Vegas scarf at this month's meeting. I have made several of these and will be bringing samples to show how different yarns and color combinations work up. Everyone who has seen the finished scarves has wanted one and I'm sure you'll enjoy this quick fun project too. I understand there are some questions about the project. Hopefully this will answer any questions you might have.

Remember to bring a long size 9 or 10 circular needle and 6 different balls of yarn. There is no rights or wrongs to choosing yarn for this project. You could choose a single color and choose 6 different types and textures of yarn in that color family. Or, you could choose a varigated or multicolor yarn and pull your colors from that. Fall colors, pastels, shades of one color, black/white are all suggestions for color combinations that work well. Ribbons, fun furs, boucles, even railroad
yarns all work well but a variety of textures is the key. You wouldn't want to use all eyelash yarns or all ribbons. I wouldn't use suggest more than 2 eyelash yarns for your 1st one. The yarns do not need to be the same weight.

Listed below are the yarns I used for one scarf that I made and the amounts I used As you can see with what I bought I could have easily made a second

6 kinds of yarn – all from JoAnn Fabrics ---Started out with 328 grams used 96 grams and 141 yards.

1 Bernat Boa/ Color Parrot 81305
50 grams 71 yards 32g
left – used 18 g - used 25 yards

2 Bernat Ping Pong/Color Purple Passion 51307 50 grams 58
yards 31g left – used 19 g - used 23 yards

3 Patons Cha Cha/Color Disco 02117 50 grams 77 yards 34 g left - used 16 g - used 24 yards

4 Lion Brand Suede/ Color Mountaintop Print 204 78 grams 111 yds 59g left - used 19 g - used 27 yards

5 Caron Bliss/Color Plum 0012 50 grams 82 yards 34 g left - used 16 g - used 27 yards

6 Bernat Bling Bling/Color Puttin On the Ritz 50 grams 90 yards 42 g left – used 8 g -used 15 yards

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