Monday, January 09, 2006

Lindy's dog sweater

Last Christmas I taught Lindy - dear son's fiance to knit and she made scarves. This year her older sister got a dog and Lindy thought she would like to knit a dog sweater. She is much more comfortable knitting than purling so I found the perfect sweater pattern in Stitch and Bitch. The problem was, we needed some measurements from the dog to calculate the size of the pattern and wee didn't want her sister to know about it. I asked every one I knew and noone had a Shitzu, so I turned to the knitlist and got several replies from wonderful knitters who were willing to measure their dogs and with these measurements I was able to write out the pattern for Lindy without having to have her sister know about it. This is the finished product. She left off the cuffs on the legs and made a matching scarf for her sister. The picture shows her sister on Christmas with the dog sweater on her pup and wearing the matching scarf.

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