Thursday, March 08, 2007

Highlights of KL 5294/95

What's being talked about on Knitlist 5294 and 5295

Regarding knitting on airplanes:

  • A knitlister reiterated the suggestion that you bring along a self addressed stamped envelope onto the plane. The flight crew can take the needles away from you if they feel threatened by them (less likely) or if another passenger feels threatened by them. (you know how people can be!)
  • Carry a package of dental floss on the plane and use the cutter instead of scissors. has a variety of knitting related resourses as well as a nice archive of patterns.

Someone wrote in looking for lacy soap sacks. This Fibertrends pattern was suggested:

The pattern for a Pinwheel baby blanket can be found at:

Another place to find a good selection of pattern links is

The Spring issue of Knitty is up:

Some cute free dishcloth patterns are at: There is also a link to patterns for sale at her other site.

Meg's jogless jog instructions for making color changes less noticable when knitting in the round is explained well with written instructions and pictures at:

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