Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Holly's Dilemma

I work at home and am working on the end of year tax stuff today, my two golden retrievers on the floor next to me to keep me company. Well a few minutes ago I let them outside to play in the snow. Holly needs a leash ( about 30 feet long) so she can't get back into the woods at the rear of our 2 acre lot. She usually heads straight back into the clear but today wandered off in the wrong direction. When I called her to come in she tried to take a shortcut and got stuck!

Honey went back out to check it out and went around back to coax her out the back end where she proceeded to wrap herself around the pole for the bird feeder! I ended up going out and unleashing her and pulling the leash back in.

A few posts ago I decided to try to keep track of highlights of what is being discussed on the big list and some of the free pattern links and tips that are presented. So far so good. Here is the next installment. Knitlist 5293

Someone asked about taking knitting needles on airplanes. The general consensus is that they are allowed but screener are allowed discretion. This may vary from country to country, airport to airport and airline to airline. It was suggested to keep the work on a stitch holder and be ready to have the needles mailed back to you as a worse case scenario. Website for TSA: It was also suggested that bamboo or plastic needles may be allowed on easier than metal.

Another suggestion for those curling circular needles was to lay them over a radiator overnight and store them in a length of cut off garden hose.

More suggestions for sweaters that fit:

* Find a pattern that works and make it in other variations.

* Make your own pattern from a storebought sweater that fits.

* Be very careful with gauge. Even a small variation in gauge can cause a problem.

Another free pattern for easy versatile mittens can be found at:

Hint: Pick a color for the season, then knit a child several different hats and multiple mittens with a pattern like the one above that does not have a right and a left and you won't have to worry about being left with mismatched mittens when one or two inevitably gets lost.

A new knitting movie, "The Friday Night Knitting Club" is due out in 2008, starring Julia Roberts, based on a novel by Kate Jacobs, which follows single mother Georgia and the lives of women in a knitting club held at Georgia's shop. Read about it at:

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