Wednesday, March 07, 2007

March 7 Knitlist Bantor

Knitlist 5291

Yet another conversation about the merits of Knitpicks , Denise , and Boye interchangable needles. It seems to be a matter of personal preference. I actually have all three sets and think that each has it's own merits.

Other topics included knitting sweaters and then finding out that they don't fit like you thought they would. It was suggested that you put the sweater away for awhile and bring it back out and if you still don't like it - frog it. Another person suggested learning to knit sweaters that fit with some preplaning. The book "Big Girl Knits" was suggested reading for all sizes when picking a sweater pattern. Also discussed were specific pattern problems and ideas for a specific yarn.

Knitlist 5292

Knitty's Mittens 101 are suggested for a 3 needle mitten pattern calculator.

Hint: When working a pattern on 2 circular needles, they don't both have to be the same length. It is easier to tell the difference if they are not and you will have 2 different needles in your collection.

Several suggestions to get kinks and curls out of the cable of a circular needle......
  • Fill a pan with water. Bring it almost to a boil. Drop the needles in thepan. Leave them there about 30 min. Remove needles from pan. Empty water inpan.
  • Run the cable under hot tap water.
  • Use a blow dryer on high on cable up to 5 to 10 minutes as needed. - Can even be done with yarn on neeedles.
  • Attach one end of the needle to a clothesline with a clothespin and put a weight on the other end and let hang 24 hours.
  • Do not recurl the needle when storing.

This website was suggested for picking the right sweater pattern for your body type:
There is also a multisized multistyle top down sweater pattern that can be tried on as you go at this website that a knitlister suggested trying.

Another knitlister highly recommend the book "Sweater Design in Plain English" byMaggie Righetti for learning about the right choice of sweater pattern. Also be sure to watch how the models are photographed in a knitted garment. Is the neck covered by a scarf for a reason, or is the model sitting - standing - laying in an odd position so part of the sweater is not visible??????

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