Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lacy Scarves

Knittalk 636

Lots of banter about needles and socks and works in progress but what I was interested in was a message to Allison Hyde. Allison loves to gift others with her lacy knit scarves. She was asked for some suggestions for lace scarf knitting.

I found this interesting since I have been puttering with lace stitch scarves for Spring with Lion Brand Glitterspun and Patons Brilliant. I will post pictures when I have a chance.

This was Allison's response:

...the answer to your question is, I usually just use one of the quicker
lace patterns out of Barbara Walker's treasuries, or one of the ones I've come up with, usually around 20-25 stitches across in a fingering-to-worsted weight yarn; they work up quite quickly. What my mom fondly calls "yarn necklaces." A bit of softness and color around the neck.

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