Thursday, March 01, 2007

It could always be worse.......

Wow- I can't believe its been over a month since I blogged. Where have I been? I've been plagued with a really bad respiratory virus that went to my lungs and activated my asthma. After a 5 day supply of Zithromax and Prednisone, it still took a while to get the virus on its way out of my system. That's where I'm at now - its on its way out but not quite gone. And then yesterday I got hit with a nasty migraine. It is one of those times when it seems you just can't win. the title could always be worse. Things need to be kept in perspective. One of Andrew's coworkers who received one of the scarves I made at Christmas time has had a reoccurence of cancer in her jaw. She is not doing well and has been told she won't be able to eat or drink. She doesn't want anything from anyone so over the weekend I decided to make some chemo caps to donate in her name.

I don't usually enjoy crocheting. But, let's blame it on the Prednisone - I have had an urge to crochet rather than knit. These are the hats I've made so far. It is a pattern from the web which works up rather quickly with a small amount of worsted weight yarn. The crown is all the same, easily memorized pattern and the variations are fun to try. I plan to pin the flowers on so they can be easily removed.
Pattern is found at the following website.


Pinkshawlgirl said...

Your hats are darling, and I'm sure anyone will be thrilled to have one. Glad to hear you are beginning to feel better.

Kathy/Mom/Bedstemor said...

So that's where you've been! I was tempted to write and tell you I was tired of your tuna recipe! LOL. We've missed you on Thursday mornings. So glad you're feeling better and hope we see you soon. Take good care of yourself.

Jean said...

I kept meaning to email you to see how you were. Hope you feel like a new woman soon. The crocheted hats are beautiful.