Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sock yarn

I love color and the self-striping sock yarns are irresistable but I don't like knitting socks. I don't know what it is about socks. I tried to tell myself it was the small needles and small yarn, yet I made 5 or 6 of the I phone socks and had no problems with the size 2 needle. Maybe it is fear of second sock syndrome.

I'm also a fan of mindless garter knitting so I searched high and low on Ravelry and on the internet for a pattern for a simple little scarf I could make with one skein - 50g - of sock yarn but didn't find anything. I thought about converting my favorite "Bowknot Scarf" to the right gauge and even started it, but it just wasn't what I was looking for.

So with a size 5 needle,  I cast on 24 stitches and started to knit back and forth in garter stitch.  After 6 inches, I decided to make a buttonhole so that one end of the scarf could be tucked through the other. To do that I knit 9 stitches, cast off 6, and knit the last 9.  On the next row I knit 9, cast those 6 back on with an basic e wrap cast on, and knit the last 9 stitches.  I kept going in garter stitch.  Here is what it looks like. 

I plan to knit until I am all out of yarn.  I really like the way the self-striping yarn is working with the garter stitch.  You really don't want a fancy stitch pattern with a yarn like this.

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