Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Boyer's Birthday

The little DGS had his 2nd birthday on Thursday.  It was also the 2nd day he could see!  It has been amazing to see him look at the world for the first time.

I baked him a doggy cake because we did a doggy theme for the party.  In his minimally sighted first two years he became very attached to the younger of my 2 golden retreivers and since he was never able to watch any TV and doesn't know the Sesame Street characters or any other characters for that matter the dog seemed to be the perfect theme.

The cake was Devil's Food made with buttermilk and the frosting was homemade butter cream.  Nine egg whites and 2 pounds - yes 8 sticks - of butter.  The spots and ears were homemade chocolate MM fondant and the nose and collar were homemade vanilla MM fondant.  Frosting and fondant recipes came from "Peggy's Baking Corner" at

DDIL made "Puppy Chow" and served it in plastic dog bowls from the dollar store.

Everyone really liked the weiner dog sweater
and since the dead fish hat had turned out alittle big - DS modeled it.

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Alexa in Nova Scotia said...

Looks very handsome in the new glasses. Beautiful job on the cake, and the sweater :)