Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Knitting on the Road

DH and I went up to our lake place in Northern WI this weekend. 4 and a half hours there and 4 and a half hours back. I knit mittens. I used the http://www.afghansforafghans.org/mittens.html pattern. In order not to get bored I knit one mitten - lets call it blue to get the hang of the pattern. Then I divided up the pattern into portions

1- cuff

2- start of hand

3- gusset

4- rest of hand

5- top shaping

6- thumb

I used 2 sets of double points and started two mittens. One blue and one we will call red. I made the cuff of both, then the start of the hand of both, then the gusset, etc. etc. etc. Until I have 2 mittens done. A pair of blue and a single red. Then cast on another red and another color and continue. You are always working on something new and fun.

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