Friday, August 27, 2010

Hat Project - Update and All new Information

Okay here we go.  There have been a couple of changes and I will now be in charge of the Kathy's Hat Project which I will call Bedstemor's Beanies.  Kathy always used the name Bedstemor - Norweigian for Grandmother in her email signature so I think it is appropriate.  The hats will now be sent directly to the schools in Kansas where Kathy's daughter Edith is a teacher.  Send one or several.  Please feel free to email me with any questions.

Edith will gather the hats and then she will take the appropriate number of hats to each school-give a little speech about her mom-all of her friends, and the history of this project-it's been going on for about 6 years now!

What to make: Hats for grade school children grades Kindergarten to 5th grade in fun colors and patterns. (see my previous posts for hat patterns and topper ideas and be creative.  They are kids and they love to wear fun hats!!!!!)

Here is how Edith described the hats Kathy finished: "The hats that I have are all different "sizes" shapes and colors-some are "girlie" some are "all boy" and some are gender neutral."

Here is how Kathy herself described the hats she made: "I don't really use a pattern much any more. I cast on 70 or 80 stitches in worsted weight yarn and make the pattern up as I go along. Oh, I'll use a chart from one of my books sometimes ... the Dancing Granny one, or some fair isle one. I never make the same hat twice. I vary them by colors, stripes, ridges, lace work (simple lace like YO K2TOG across, then a row of plain, then K2TOG YO across, varying the hole placement), various pom poms, I-Cords and things at the top ... things like that."

There are lots of cute patterns for kids hats here to get you started:

Where to send the hats: The hats are to be sent directly to the schools.  Please do not send hats to any members of the knittalk list as previously suggested.  The school has no problem receiving the individual packages.  I like to send my knit items in flat rate boxes from the post office.  I have done this several times and have compared what the cost would be several other ways and the flat rate has worked out to be a good deal and the boxes are free at the post office.

The school addresses are:

Lincoln Elementary ( grades K-3)
1020 Grant Ave
Clay Center KS 67432
Attention: Edith Floro

Garfield Elementary (grades 4-5)
815 4th Street
Clay Center KS 67432
Attention: Edith Floro

How we can all share our fun ideas:  Post a note to the Knittalk list about what patterns and yarns you used and/or email me that information and pictures and I will post them on my blog. My email is

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