Monday, August 16, 2010

Kathy Sorensen

Got an email yesterday and read on the knitlist that fellow knitlister and my friend Kathy Sorensen passed away. Kathy knit with me at McDonalds "McKnitters" on Thursday mornings for the last 5 years in Racine WI. You might recognize her signature on her emails to the list:

Kathy/Mom/Bedstemor in Kenosha, Wisconsin USA


Kathy was one of the nicest most talented memorable people I ever met. I was looking for something to do at the time I found the message that a group met a few miles from me at the McDonalds. I emailed Eileen, the group's founder and said I was interested in coming to knit. When I went that first Thursday I was reluctant to join a group of people I had never met to KIP. Kathy was one of the ones there that day. Kathy and the others made me feel welcome. I remembered Kathy from her posts on the knitlist and was happy to meet her. The "problem" with going to knit with a group like this is that you form special bonds. Kathy was old enough to be my mom but she became my friend. She made the coolest most challenging things and no pattern was too much of a challenge for her. She was especially good with fair isle and I still remember her trying to teach my the Kitchener stitch. Kathy's daughter and son-in-law lived in Germany because he was in the military and one year we all made hats to send to the kids in the German school for US military kids. It was a memorable Thanksgiving night when Kathy emailed out the pictures of the kids at the base in their new hats. Shared that with our holiday guests - a real thing to be thankful for. Her current project was making over a hundred hats for the kids at her daughter's school in Kansas. Kathy was also a member of the Lakeside Knitter's guild and at Christmas time we brought in gifts to randomly exchange. Two years ago I picked Kathy's package which instead of the usual yarn or a knitting notion contained a beautiful hand knit lace weight off white feather and fan scarf. I will treasure that scarf. She was always making mittens for the mitten tree at her late husband's church. She has so much fun making mismatched socks for her granddaughter. I'm sure I could say much more and I am going to really miss her.

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Jessica-Jean said...

How wonderful that your memory of Kathy is so warm! I'm sure she treasured your friendship, too.

Your tale makes me feel better about having joined a group of knitters, some of whom are much younger than my own grown children. If I'm lucky - when I'm gone, some of them will feel about me the way you do about Kathy.