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what people are saying.....

Kathy - if you are still able to read my blog up there in heaven......here is what is being said about you.  You probably didn't realize what an inspiration to others you were..........

Things people said from the knitlist and knittalk Yahoo groups………….

Mari -- and Kathy's family: I knew Kathy only via the Knit List. Thank you for your post that made her come visit me personally. I was so sorry to see the message from her family and thought it probably was just like her to ask them to let us know. I guess the best thing we all could do to remember her, long term, is keep giving as we are most comfortable doing. Please know that I'll be doing that. I give to a group for the Johns Hopkins pediatric hospital, to those who have requested preemie things from Heavenly Angels in Need, the Red Scarf Project, and a few other places. Also for my family. I'll remember Kathy for a long time as I do that. And I'll certainly miss her posts on Knit List!


Mari, Thank you for sharing your memories of Kathy with the knit list. I am so sorry you lost such a wonderful friend. I did not know Kathy but she sounded like the type of person you did want to get to know. -Heather

Thank you for sharing Kathy with us...I just know I would have loved her! You were lucky to have such a nice friend, she will be missed! -Susan

Hi Mari, Thanks for sharing your memories of Kathy Sorensen... I saw that post on

Knit list too, and it made me very sad. I've been on that list with her for over a decade... I sent a note of condolences to her son and her daughter. I'm so glad they gave their email addresses. Was Kathy not on Knit Talk, as well? Her saying, "Needlework forever, housework whenever"... will live on! -Take care, Bonnie Evans

Hi Mari, I just wanted to let you know I appreciated what you shared about Kathy to the knit list. I was touched and am sure Kathy would have been as well. I always enjoyed reading her posts to the list and thought she seemed very nice. I was sad when I read that she'd passed away but, glad that you wrote and shared your personal story with her. I'm sure she'd be pleased, -Abby

Mari, What a beautiful tribute to your friend. Thank you so much for sharing this. My thoughts and prayers go to you and all of Kathy's friends and family. She sounds like an amazing woman. Best wishes, Trish, in Brooklyn.

Mari: I hope you sent this to her family. This was a very wonderful and loving tribute to a wonderful lady. Vicki Meldrum, Buda, TX http://www.vickimeldrum.com http://www.lonestarstateknitters.org http://schnorkiemom.homestead.com

What a wonderful tribute to one you held so dear. I hope you shared this with her family; I’m sure they will appreciate how their wife/mother/sister/aunt/friend/loved one will be treasured and missed. Anne C. crafting is my passion; Cats are my obsession. http://catsrmecrafter.blogspot.com

Thank you, Mari, for writing to the list about Kathy. Although I didn't know her, I wrote a note to her daughter after learning that Kathy died. I always enjoyed reading her posts - her passing is a loss for all of us on the list, but especially for you, her friend. Sincerely, Susan

Mari, what you wrote about your friend Kathy is a heartfelt, moving memorial as you remember her. I didn't know Kathy, but from what you wrote, her family must have happy memories of her life with them. My condolences to the family and friends of Kathy Sorensen for their loss. May the Lord bless all who knew and loved Kathy. Nan in Central IL

Thank you for sharing your experience with Kathy. The virtual lists can be impersonal at times, and you’ve really helped us to know Kathy better. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend, and I can just imagine how proud you will be to wear your feather and fan scarf that she made. Best Regards, Wendy in San Diego Ravelry: socalknitgirl

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. I'm sure she will be missed by many. She leaves behind a wonderful knitting legacy, it sounds like. May her memory always be for a blessing for you!

Thank you for letting us know Mari, you have written a wonderful homage to Kathy. I am so sorry for your personal loss. Please take care, Allison in NYC

I am so sorry to hear about Kathy. We had written to each other a few times and I really liked her. I can tell you were a friend and I am sure you will miss her a lot. Thanks for sharing the news with us. Ellen in NJ

Jessica-Jean has left a new comment on your post "Kathy Sorensen":

How wonderful that your memory of Kathy is so warm! I'm sure she treasured your friendship, too. Your tale makes me feel better about having joined a group of knitters, some of whom are much younger than my own grown children. If I'm lucky - when I'm gone, some of them will feel about me the way you do about Kathy.

NEEDLEWORK FOREVER!!! HOUSEWORK WHENEVER. That always gave me a chuckle whenever I saw it! Margaret - St. Louis

How to help? I read Kathy's posts frequently and was often challenged, educated and tickled.
How can we help to finish her gol of 100 hats for her daughters school in Kansas? Where in Kansas (my birthplace). What is needed to finish her project? We can make it happen, can't we.


would love to help with this in any way possible. Please share more info with me Thank you Jane Tatum in Tennessee

How wonderful that your memory of Kathy is so warm! I'm sure she treasured your friendship, too.
Your tale makes me feel better about having joined a group of knitters, some of whom are much younger than my own grown children. If I'm lucky - when I'm gone, some of them will feel about me the way you do about Kathy.

Things people said on Ravelry’s K Town Knitters

I have been trying to knit with the Tuesday Barnes & Noble group. There is quite a grroup of regulars that meet there. This morning, I was checking my e-mails and received this e-mail from John Sorenson, who told me to pass on the information.

We regret to inform you of the death of Kathy Sorensen, Friday, August 13, 2010. As you know, Kathy has been battling cancer, but enjoyed her life, her frirends and especially her family, until the end. She left instructions for you all to be notified as you played an important part in her life. Details regarding a memorial service for Kathy will be sent out at a later date.

Emails may be sent to her son, John Sorensen at kenoshasown@yahoo.com, and daughter Edith Floro at edithfloro@hotmail.com*

Information from a follow-up e-mail included:

As it stands now, we plan to have a memorial service on Friday evening, August 20th at Draeger Langendorf Funeral Home. Once I meet with them I will set the time and get it to you. There will be information in both the Racine and Kenosha papers early next week.

I will miss Kathy! She always had a fantastic project she was working on and quick to reassure you that it wasn’t rocket science, just knitting. She just recently ordered yarn for and completed Sylvi for her daughter. She mentioned that she showed it to many in the Tuesday morning knitting group. It was beautiful. I did take a picture and now am frantically looking for it to share with everyone. An amazing knitter…

turtleysaunt and I went to her husband’s funeral not too long ago. Each time she was in the shop since, she’s mentioned him. I’m sure she is happy to be with him again!

Very sad news. Kathy was one of a kind. She was one of the first knitters that I met in the group. I did admire that she would try new things and be interested in new yarns even though she had many, many years of knitting under her belt. Well, I’ll miss her.

I was thinking about her last week, and ran across her contact card she gave me just last night…

I was always impressed by the projects she’d bring to show us, from simple to intricate, they were always beautiful. I’ll miss her too.

What a loss to our community. She was really special. I wish I could have had more time getting to know her. It was a rare treat for me to see her. How sweet she’s no longer ill and she’s at peace with her beloved.

Kathy was a wonderful person, and always an inspiration to everyone. I was always excited to see all the lovely things she knit, and amazed that she knit white socks, and fancy ones at that. My thought was they will get so dirty, but she didn’t care. Surely will be missed. I would be interested in going to the visitation if anyone else is going.

Kathy meant a lot to me and I, too, am quite saddened by this news. I went to her husband’s funeral as well not long ago never once thinking hers would follow soon. She missed her husband. Her “tell it like it is” way about her always made me smile inside. She was a very kind woman and I’ll miss her, but I know she is happy to be with her husband again.

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