Tuesday, August 24, 2010

more on Kathy's Hats

8/27/10 This email sent to me and to the Knittalk list from another Mari in CA.  I have since found out that the information is not correct and the schools would be happy to receive the hats directly from individual knitters.  Please see my August 27th post for all the mailing information.  The project lives on as Bedstemor's Beanies!

Posted by: Simply Spaniels Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:00 am (PDT)

Good Morning All...

After a lot of emails back and forth in regards to finishing Kathy's Hat Project as a sort of Memorial to her I think that we are at a "go" and hope all you gracious, talented women will want to help. Several different "counts" have the remaining number of hats left to finish between 20-40, but for us thats a piece of cake, right?  The goal is to provide "fun" hats to all the children, both girls and boys. The base is to cast on 80 stitches and let your immaginations fly as Kathy did.

The other Mari,  who knew Kathi and often knit with her, has graciously offered to post a Memorial page to Kathy, with hints/sources to hats, requirements, etc. and we'll keep a running total as the hats are received.  Maybe we'll be able to provide for the rest of the school depending on what we receive. You can mail your hats to me (email me for my company address) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and we will see that they get to Edith appropriately for deliverance to her children, etc. The school prefers NOT to receive individual packages. Actually - the school would love to receive the packages.

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