Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kathleen's scarves

Kathleen Day has been busy making scarflets.  Her first was in blue which followed the pattern for the design and made it 33" in length.  For the other two she did what I was hoping we would do and added her own touch. The second blue scarf (below) has bobbles at the end sections and I really like what she did with the midldle scarf with very pretty stitch pattern in a lavender then the body of the scarflet in purple.  What a great way to knit a fun but involved stitch.  You only need to knit a few inches in the fancy stitch pattern (the kind you aren't going to work on with your knit group chatting in the background) and then get to move on to the k2,p2 section which most of us could knit in our sleep.loli

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