Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hats for Army Brats

The Thursday morning McKnitters, Lakeside Knitters Guild, Knitting in WI Yahoo group and others helped out Kathy Sorenson by knitting hats for the kids at Ware Elementary School, Fort Riley Kansas. I decided it was time to bring my blog out of hibernation to show you the kids in their hats.


Kathy/Bedstemor said...

Thanks for posting the pictures for the world to see, Mari. Don't the kids look happy with their new hats? I don't remember if I said, but that is my teacher daughter, Edith Floro, in the red sweater in the first picture.
Hmmm ... this is your first post in 2 months! Does this mean your husband isn't lost in the mountains any more?

Mari said...


I was hoping you didn't mind me posting them. I can post more too. It's an easy way to see them.

No he is back from the hunt. life has been so hectic that the blog has suffered. This is great material to keep it going. I saw a couple of my hats and your beautiful gingerbread men, snowmen and polar bears. I printed the pictures and will take them tommorrow on Christmas Eve to share. Maybe inspire someone to do a good deeed.

I figured that was Edith. You must be proud of her.

Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks again for the beautiful scarf!